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Organic Fertilization Services

Synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides are outdated technologies that utilize harmful chemicals, which can accumulate in soil, water, and food, and cause danger to people and our environment Our microbial rich solution organically brings health back to your soil, which in turn feeds your plants. It is also effective in suppressing diseases and eradicating pest infestations. Commercial properties now have a smarter option for landscape healthcare services.

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Commercial Landscape Management

Following an agronomic plan together, with pro-active monitoring of plants for insect or pathogen activity, is the key to keeping plants healthy. Native West utilizes the latest in technology to reduce noise pollution and our carbon footprint.

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Native Landscape Construction

Our construction team is lead by industry experts in West Coast native landscape. Our clients can count on proper plant selection and placement, which is important to ensure a thriving native landscape. Native West provides sustainable landscape construction throughout the Southern California area.

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